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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday October 6th, 2015

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We reviewed the 4 terms from the videos and students defined Repetition as multiple trials of the same experiment and Replication as the ability of others to duplicate your experiment. Students further clarified that you do as many trials as time and budget permit you to do . (I didn't have to throw anything at anyone to get the correct answer! LOL!) I pointed out that when they did the peanut lab, they were replicating another teacher's experiment; they were given the same instructions, the same materials, the same procedures and were able to duplicate the process and get similar results. Students also defined Precision (Definition 6) as having most of your result close to the targeted value and Accuracy (Definition 2) as the grouping of your answers with respect to the other answers (not the target value.) I demonstrated this using a target students held while I tossed magnets at them (I really do love throwing things! LOL) We looked at the 6 tosses I made and pointed out that the ones that were grouped closely together were accurate, but not precise because they were all within a oupe centimeters from each other yet no where near the center target (mean value) We looked a two of the shots that were Precise, but not accurate because they were both close to the center target (mean) but not grouped close to each other. The take away from this: In science, we want to be both precise and accurate.

I reminded all classes to read the Minneapolis Bridge failure Case study and do the associated Google form in order to do the 9 week challenge on Thursday and Friday. (Pre- lab will be Wednesday.) 

We had very little time to review the article, but students were assigned the unfinished questions as homework. Going over the article helped me realize that there is much we have to fit into our year to review 6th and 7th grade curriculum ideas and I will work on incorporating those into our classes. 

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  1. Get Chromebook and log in
  2. Go to
  3. Go to the quiz for your period 
  4. Take Quiz
  5. Call me over to see your grade AFTER you submit

The Scientific Method and Measurement. Skip to 10:30 in the video. Or watch the entire video for a complete review of the Scientific Method.

Discussion of the 


REMEMBER You must complete the Minneapolis Bridge Case study and Google Form to participate in  the lab!

Watch the video on Significant Digits. (No Google Form)

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