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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursday & Friday November 5th and 6th, 2015

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Much of the class period was spent going through grades and assignments. I am disappointed that, after such a fantastic start, many students in the advanced classes have decided to coast this nine weeks. With the four week report fast approaching, I expect you to do much better.

In 8th grade classes I reviewed the pH scale and how it is used. I pointed out that most of our foods and beverages fall on the acidic side of the scale and most of our household cleaners fall on the Alkaline side. We also learned that the pH scale is logarithmic, which means moving from one number to the next is an increase of 10x, not just one. If I have a substance that is a pH of 7 and I jump to a pH of 6, it is ten time stronger. If I then jump to 5, it is increased 10x again (10x10= 100x). We did not get a chance to talk about mixtures, compounds and solutions which we will cover today after we do the cloud chamber experiment.

 Mixtures, compounds and solutions video definitions.

In 7th grade we finished up our Power Point over the characteristics of life. We did not get to making a wet mount slide, but will cover that today as part of our lab.

Brain Bender:

A frightened Bill Bones picked up the phone and asked Shadow to come to his house right away. The house was in darkness except for the light of several candles. As Bill explained the purpose of his call he went to the refrigerator and withdrew a tray of ice. Dropping a cube in his drink he began. "I owed Lance a fair amount of money, and when I got home he was here waiting for me. I had no idea it was him. I've had some bad luck at the race track lately and as a result, I haven't paid my power bill. They cut it off two days ago. When I opened the door I saw a figure moving in the moonlight and I panicked. I swung and hit him. He fell back and hit his head on the mantle. He's lying on my living room floor. I think he's dead."Shadow interjected, "You can stop the fabrication right there." What's wrong with Bill's account?


8th grade Honors

Cloud Chamber experiment.

Mixtures, compounds and solutions

How do Ionic Bonds form?

Superposition Explained:


7th grade Honors

Onion cell and cheek cell lab.


8th grade physical science

Read chapter 10 in your textbook. 

Complete MY Florida Science Notebook for Chapter 10 Due at the end of class.

Complete Lesson one outline and vocabulary. Due at the end of class.

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