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Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday November 9th, 2015

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The grade honors classes ran the cloud chamber experiment with disappointing results. We could not get the petri dish cloud chambers cold enough to create the vapor clouds for more than a few seconds so we only saw one or two alpha particle traces. I ordered a better radiation source and will do the experiment as a class demonstration when it comes in.

7th grade honors had better luck with the onion and cheek cell lab while learning staining techniques. The onion cells came out nicely with any students able to photograph them using phone cameras. Cheek cells were a little ore of a challenge, but still came out nicely with some pictures available.

8th grade science finished the definitions and electron placement worksheet for the periodic table.

Brain Bender:

While playing in the bathtub, Hardy Pyle decided to play with his two foot long plastic boat, which was filled with nuts and bolts. While playing, he accidentally tipped the boat over, dumping the contents into the water.With the nuts and bolts in the water, will the water level in the bathtub rise, fall, or stay the same as it was when the nuts and bolts were in the boat? Why?


8th Grade Honors.

Go over Homework. Redo and turn in on Tuesday for 1 letter grade higher. (ALL problems must be corrected for the extra points to apply.

Mixtures, Elements and Compounds

FYI- Get ready for your head to explode! How to determine Valence Electrons in the transition metals. You will need these two sites to help you:

Chemwiki: Orbital configurations from the Periodic Table

 Chemwiki: How to find Valence Electrons in Transition metals


Bonding Power- Due Wednesday

Watch this video!- Be prepared for a quiz over definitions!


7th Grade Honors

Cell Transport Passive vs Active Power point. In class, complete the worksheet AS WE GO! This will also be your lab worksheet.


Is It Alive? Due Wednesday.


8th grade Physical Science

Get a laptop computer and return to your desk.

Log in and go to your online textbook

In Chapter 9 Open the resources tab. Complete the Concepts in Motion activity for Lesson 2.

Do the online test, under the Chapter Review Tab. DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW! Bring it to me so I can see your score and suggest further reviews.



Science Fair Projects are Due THURSDAY FOR ALL CLASSES!

Would you buy a car programmed to kill you?

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