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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday November 10th, 2015

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In 8th grade classes I went over homework and gave the classes one day to correct their errors and turn it in today for 10 points more. We began talking about passive and active transport in 7th grade classes after we reviewed a cartoon explaining the organelles in the cell. 5th and 6th period attempted to use the computers to finish out chapter 9 and take the online assessment. Unfortunately the county has not yet worked more bugs out of the computerized textbooks and we had to postpone that. Hopefully, today.

Brain Bender:

During World War II, several British naval spies on the lookout for enemy ships and activities, posed as Canadian lobster fishermen. They had large numbers of plastic, orange- colored lobsters made for their covert operations. These lobsters came in various sizes with all of the authentic markings. At night, the spies loaded the lobsters into traps and threw them overboard. At daybreak, they would hoist the traps aboard ship. The locals spotted them as fraudulent fishermen from quite a distance. How were they so easily detected?


8th Grade Honors

Collect homework redo.


If there is time we will go over how Valence electrons place in Transition metals.


7th Grade Honors

Return Onion cell lab for redo. Due tomorrow completely corrected!



8th grade Physical Science

Online assessment Chapter 9



All science fair projects and reports are due Thursday!

Great White Sharks are Death Metal fans!

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