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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Monday December 21st, 2015

To My First period Honors Physical Science.

Today I read our personal letters about the test incident from a couple weeks ago. and I felt I needed to respond to those of you who took them time to write. 

Many of you made me proud by assuming responsibility for either looking at the answers and using them or pointing out that you did not use them. Either way, you have proven you respect yourself enough to be honest with, not only me, but YOU! This shows great strength of character. I took responsibility for accidentally copying the answer key and owned that mistake and you have done the same. I truly appreciate this and want you to know that through this act alone you have regained my trust. At least one of you pointed out that you didn't look at the answers and did your very best on the test even though the answers were right there. This also shows an incredible strength of character and you should be proud of yourself as well.

A few of you parroted what I had said and signed your name to it. I'll accept this, but want you to know that if we both agree on everything 100% of the time then one of us in unnecessary. I hope you realize where you made your mistake and recognize this as a learning experience.

Then there were those of you who wrote nothing. This tells me that you are not yet at the point where you are ready to learn this lesson in character. I hope you learn it soon, otherwise I fear you will move on in life blaming others for actions that are clearly yours to own. It is easy to say, " well, he copied the answers so it's his fault I used them; what did he expect me to do?" I expected you to do the right thing. I offer you this piece of wisdom:

To those of you who voiced concern of further action, there are none. This was a "self taught" lesson for all of us involved.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday break! Don't forget to build those cars!

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