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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Monday and Tuesday January 5th & 6th, 2016

Today's Quote:


Brain Bender:

While on safari in the wild jungles of Africa, Professor Quantum woke one morning and felt something in the pocket of his shorts. It had a head and tail, but no legs. When Quantum got up, he could feel it move inside his pocket. Quantum, however,showed little concern and went about his morning rituals. Why such a casual attitude?


8th Grade Honors AND 8th Grade Physical Science

DUE: Mousetrap race car prototype. (Test grade)

Request for missing work. This was due BEFORE the break so you have ONE day to get it to me. Even though tomorrow is a block day, if you want credit, you will bring it to me.

Homework: Watch the following video on Position and Point of Reference and prepare to teach me about it tomorrow.


7th Grade Honors

The Nervous System

Homework: Watch the above video and prepare to teach me about it tomorrow.


Today in class

It's a New year! Rules and responsibilities to have an AWESOME second semester

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