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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday and Friday December 10th &11th, 2015

Today's Quote:

Countdown to Vacation


Yesterday was a half day and I was out. 1st and 2nd periods were supposed to take a test, however, according to the sub, multiple students were caught cheating, using the answer key that was inadvertently copied with the test. I am very disappointed in the entire class. All year, I have spoken to you about honor and ethics, and what it means to better yourself through hard work and study. I'm disappointed that not one of you did the right thing and informed the sub of the fact, but instead she had to "catch"you. The assignments I give to you are so much more than a grade. It is a way for you to actually see if you understand what you were supposed to have learned and it is my way of seeing what I have to reteach. Yes, I know you need a good grade and I understand that "the system"has made the grade more important than the actual learning, but sometimes YOU have to decide what is more important. Case in point, I sacrificed a great evaluation in order to set up labs and give you the best learning experience possible. I do create lesson plans and I do know what I'm doing, but I just allowed my evaluation to be hit hard for not following the specified process. I was willing to sacrifice a higher paycheck in order to give you a better learning experience because THAT is more important to me than money. You will have to work hard to regain my trust. Period 1 will forgo the lab scheduled for today and will retake a different test.

7th grade completed Chapter 12, section 2 over the muscular system in anticipation of the chicken wing dissection lab today.  The completion of this is your ticket into the lab. (Vocabulary and Section review)

8th grade physical science Began working on Chapter 1 Section on and defined the vocabulary terms and took Cornell Notes over the section, then completed the Section Review.

Brain Bender:

There are seven coins which look identical. One of the seven coins weighs slightly less than the other six. Using a balance scale, how could you determine which is the light coin in just two weighings?

Today's Agenda:

8th Grade Honors:

1st period will retake  a new test. After that, we will finish the Gas Laws worksheet. Period 2 will do the Elephant Toothpaste lab...FINALLY!

Decomposition of Potassium Iodide Reaction lab (Elephant Toothpaste)- ALL safety rules are to be followed TO THE LETTER! Aprons, glove and goggles on at all times, hair pulled back, No long sleeves or sleeves tucked into gloves. Absolutely NO horseplay will be tolerated.

  1.  Get a plastic bag and cut the bottom off then lay it out over the table and tape it in place. All books should be placed on the cabinets behind you and bookbags MUST be on your chair.
  2. Get your safety gear and put it on
  3. Come see me for your lab equipment, and take it back to your desk.
  4. Sit down!
  5. 1 person from each group will come see me and I will give you labeled beakers with chemicals. DO NOTHING UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO!
  6. It is important that once you add the catalyst you quickly move your hand away from the graduated cylinder and step back. You can take photos if you want to.
  7. Clean up lab station. 1 person will go rinse equipment in one sink. One person will remove the plastic sheet and fold its corners inward and I will come around with a trash can. ALL SAFETY GEAR MUST STILL BE IN PLACE!
  8. Answer lab questions over the weekend- Due Monday


7th Grade Honors

Classes will begin the chicken wing dissection lab today Chicken Wing Dissection Lab

All lab safety gear MUST be on and in place. Pull back long hair.

Can you find the chicken's thumb called the Alular digit? 

Comparative anatomy of birds


Lab questions from the wing dissection are due Monday!


8th Grade Physical Science

FCA #3

Continue working in Chapter 1. Do the chapter vocabulary in your COW and take Cornell Notes over the sections. Complete the side bar questions and the section reviews and bring it to me as soon as each section is done.

Watch this video on your own time to help you understand the basics of motion



Get your Perma- Pass for lunch every day!

Today, Learn how to use the online documents and calculators for farm yield.

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