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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday December 8th, 2015

Today's Quote:

Countdown to Vacation!


In 8th Grade Honors classes we began our study of gas Laws and will continue that today. I went over the triangle formula sheet and explained in detail how to use and manipulate a formula in a triangle as well as the 5 step problem-solving method. I explained that I CANNOT help someone having problems with all future upcoming equations if they don't use the five step method as it gives me a way to go back and see where they made their calculation errors. 

  1. Identify and manipulate your formula- In this step you choose the triangle you're using and then set it up for the variable you are solving for.
  2. Identify your know and unknown variables from your problem.- Write them down as:
    1. S=?
    2. T= some number AND it's unit
    3. D= some number AND it's unit
  3. Plug in your knowns and unknowns from your problem into the formula
  4.  Solve the problem and be certain to either cancel or carry the correct units into your answer.
  5. Circle the answer you  want to be graded.
( In the above example I used the Speed equation, but it could be any formula we are using.)

We will work on the Gas law simulators today.

In 7th grade hononrs they took their bones test and we began our unit on the muscular system

In 8th grade physical science students were finishing up Chapter 6 section 4 and preparing to dothe chapter revie and benchmark test .


Brain Bender:

"I climbed over the wall and jumped down onto the Pompuss estate, "gasped Sam Slug. "Ï looked up and noticed a light on in the attic, where I could see Mr. Pompuss bound hand and foot. Just then, a bearded man wearing sunglasses ran past the attic window. I recognized him from the wanted posters. I no longer thought about robbing the estate, I just wanted to help Mr. Pompuss. After all, I couldn't just leave him lying there on the attic floor; I'm no murdered you know! I entered the house and ran up the four flights of stairs to the attic but Mr. Pompuss was already dead, and the guy I saw was gone. Since there was nothing I could do I started to leave and that's when you grabbed me."Shadow declared. "That's a story nobody will believe!" What's wrong with the story?

Today's Agenda:

8th Grade Honors:

Students will use the Chromebooks to begin working on their Gas Laws simulator and finish the worksheet.

Gas Properties
Click to Run

If there is time we will take notes from the Power Point.


7th Grade Honors

We will continue talkig about the muscle system using the Power Point. Students will then use the Chrombooks to interact withthe human body using the Biodigital Human Project. In order to use this after logging into the computer, you MUST login to YOUR Google account. Once you have done that, go to Google apps and search for Biodigital Human. Create a FREE account using your google account. (sign in as google user). You can then begin manipulating the 3 dimensional human and adding body parts. You can work with the skeletal and muscular system ONLY today.


8th grade Physical Science

Finish chapter 6 section 4 and take the end of chater review and the NGSSS benchmark. This MUST be finished by the end of class.

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