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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday December 1st, 2015

Countdown to Vacation!

Today's Quote:


In 8th grade Honors we went over how to balance chemical equations and practiced balancing a few on the board. We will continue doing one or two practice problems a day. I went over what a proper equation looks like including how the reactants are set up on the left side of the yield arrow and products to the right. I clarified that you CANNOT change the subscripts in an equation in order to balance it, but MUST use a coefficient to get it done. We went over the Law of Conservation of Matter and what polyatomic ions are.

In 7th grade Honors, we began our discussion of the skeletal system. We used the  Skeletal Power Point from yesterday and noted the differences between the axial skeleton and appendicular skeleton. I emphasized that the appendicular skeleton contains not only the bones of the arms and legs but also those of the "girdles"attaching them to the Axial skeleton.

In 8th grade physical science students took the quiz over density, volume and mass.

Brain Bender:

Which of the following words do not belong with the others and why? Father, Aunt, Sister, Cousin, Mother, Uncle.

Today's Agenda:

8th Grade Honors

work 2 chemical equations

List of Common Polyatomic Ions with charges and names

Online Chemical Equation Balancer- This is how you do it in the real world!

Today's Lecture: Properties of Matter- Power Point

Homework: Properties of Matter- Video (Do Google Form)- Due Thursday and Friday (Form will not open until this evening !) 

No Google Form but Quiz possible!


7th Grade Honors

Continue The skeletal System- Power Point

Bone Dissection Lab- you MUST had completed the Skeleton System color plate to participate in this lab! (Read this lab now and be ready for Thursday and Friday!

Homework: The Skeletal System- Video (Do Google Form)- Due Thursday and Friday (Form will not open until this evening!)

No Google Form but Quiz possible!


8th Grade Physical Science

Finish Density unit and quiz



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