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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

Today's Quote:

Countdown to Vacation!


8th grade honors balanced 2 chemical equations and then I taught them how to use the online chemical equation balancer and common polyatomic ions list. We then started to review the physical and chemical properties of matter.

7th grade honors took a short skeletal quiz and then we continued on with the skeletal system Power Point. I reminded them to pre-read the bone dissection lab.

8th grade physical science finished their quiz and began working on chapter 6 sections 3 and 4. They took Cornell notes and answered the questions in their COWS. 

Brain Bender:

A high speed electric train is travelling southeast at 90 KPH. The wind is blowing westward at 30 KPH. In what direction will the smoke from the smokestack blow?

Today's Agenda:

8th Grade Honors:

Video discussion and notes.

Elephant Toothpaste Lab- Pre-read this! This lab is fun and exciting however it is also advanced. ALL SAFETY rules are in place and anyone not complying will be removed and sent to discipline. No food or drink out. Back packs on the backs of chairs, googles must be on for the entire lab, gloves and aprons must be on for the entire lab. No one leaves until the clean up is completed.


7th Grade Honors

Video discussion and notes

Continue bone power point and pre-read lab with instructions.


8th grade physical Science

5th period, continue working in textbook. 6th period Fun with density blocks!

6th period Pre- read the Density lab

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