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Monday, January 11, 2016

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It was a week of reviewing the rules and responsibilities of our school and class and hopefully, we learned some things along the way. Our school may not have the best reputation of others, but we learned we have a family here. We may not have the most money, but we have dedicated and caring teachers who go the extra mile for us all. We may not have everything we want at home, but here at school we have more than enough smiles to share and by all of us working together and following the Big Three we create the space we want to have.

In Physical Science we began our discussion in 2-dimensional movement  by talking about position and reference points. We learned a little bit about how people got from here to there, first by pointing or referring to familiar somewhat permanent fixtures in the landscape that we call reference points. We learned that it is important for both people to be working within the same frame of reference in order to effectively communicate. Later we developed lines of Latitude (West to East running lines described as North to South degrees) and Longitude, (North to South running lines described as degrees West to East) and this eventually developed into the Global Positioning System of cell phone towers and satellites that we use today.

In Life science we began our discussion into the Nervous System ad realized that it had some highly technical vocabulary that we needed to learn. We compared the major nervous system divisions to the skeletal system divisions where the Central Nervous System (CNS) to the Axial Skeletal System and the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) to the Appendicular skeletal system. We had just begun to learn about these two major divisions and how signals are transported back and forth.

Brain Bender:

Jacob Blatter and his new bride Vanessa, were racing down a country  road toward the city. Suddenly Jacob's car began to sputter and cough, and finally stalled. Realizing he was out of gas, Jacob decided to go for help. Before leaving, he instructed Venessa to lock all four doors and keep the windows rolled up tight. It was a relatively mild day so heat or cold posed no threat. Jacob returned to the car, to find his new bride dead and a stranger in the car. The windows and doors were still locked and closed, and the car was undamaged. How did Vanessa die and who was the stranger?


8th Grade Honors and Physical Science:

Measuring Motion Power Point 

Reference point

Position and Reference Point Lab

If it's not too cold, we will go outside to do the compass demonstration and Marco Polo


7th Grade Honor's Life Science

Nervous System Power Point

Neuron Tag! Become a Nerve cell, dendrite and axon and determine if you are an afferent or efferent messenger.

Neural Transmission Lab



Learning to fill the Tower pots with growing media and planting crops

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