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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thursday and Friday January 7th & 8th, 2016

Today's Quote:


In all class periods we went over the school rules and responsibilities and reiterated what our expectations in class are. I stated that I strive to give at least 100% each day and sometimes I have days where I only feel like giving 5% and those are the days when I have to find a reason to get out of bed. I pointed out that's it's okay to have those kinds of days once in awhile, but you can't have them all the time or even a majority of the tie or you'll never grow. We also rehashed our procedures for emergency drills, when a substitute is present, and mundane things we do every day. If you ever have a questions or need clarification, just check the student success bulletin board next to the door. It's goig to be a fantastic second semester!

Brain Bender:

The Isle of Beguile is a place where the natives always lie, and the visitors always tell the truth. Shadow is interviewing prospective candidates for police work, the requirements being that the person must be a truth teller. While interviewing a young man for the job, the applicant suddenly volunteers that the woman in the line behind him had confided that she is a native. Is the young man in the interview qualified for the job? Describe how you concluded this fact.


8th Grade Honors & 8th grade Physical Science

APP Alert! If you have a Smart Phone you may want to download the following apps for this unit. Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite (android) Apple Version. Also Dog Puppy Clicker Training.

Opening Activity: Take a 5x9 card and cut the center out to make a picture frame. On one side of the frame, write FRAME OF REFERENCE. On the other side of the frame write POSITION. (Throw your scraps in the recycling bin!)

Teach me about Position and Reference.

Discussion of GPS systems and Goolge Location Services

Measuring Motion Power Point- If we do not finish this in class, it is your homework for the weekend to read through it.

Position and Reference Point Lab- We will begin this in class and you will finish it at home. Due Monday!

Map and compass class activity outside.

Vocabulary Velocity, Vector, Reference Point, Distance, Displacement, Position, GPS, Latitude, Longitude, Compass base, Topographic map, Compass bezel, Degrees, Triangulation, Step, Pace.


7th Grade Honors

Teach Me about the nervous system!

Nervous System Power Point- If we do not finish this in class you are to finish it at home as homework! NOTE: There is a lot of serious vocabulary in this unit. Please write down the vocabulary words in a Cornell Notes format and we will go over them Monday!

Measuring the speed of a neural transmission lab



Today you will learn how to breakdown and clean a fish farm.

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