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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday January 19th, 2016

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In 8th grade Physical Science we began our unit on Newton's Laws by answering some basic questions, one of which was, "What is mechanical (engineering) technology?" Several periods struggled with this, so we broke it down into "what is technology?" We determined that technology is any improvement on a design that makes life easier. I then used the example of having to milk cows as a kid and how difficult the process was until we got our first electric milker. While students found that funny we then discussed that the improvement from writing with the burnt end of a twig to the mechanical pencil is also an excellent example of technology. We then attacked what mechanical meant and quickly determined that it referred to machines. From there it was a downhill slide to realize that mechanical technology is any improvement using machines that make life easier and engineering is the act of designing those machines and improvements. 

In 7th grade we went over the introduction to our frog dissection and talked about the ethics of using an animal in this manner. Students asked how I manage to justify this activity and I admitted that I cannot and that I have searched for other activities to meet the standards that do not involve using animals. I pointed out that while I disagree with the activity, I try my best to minimize the damage and only order frogs from places that raise them specifically for this activity and euthanize them humanely. I further pointed out that I find this activity necessary for anyone who is planning on going into a medical profession. Students will give me their thoughts today. Students were asked to go through the frog activity before coming into class today.

Brain Bender:

If a third of six is three, what would half of twenty be?


8th grade Physical Science

Guiding question: How can you calculate the average velocity of your mousetrap car?

Today will be the first run of our mousetrap cars to make certain they are working or to make improvements so they will run. 

Mousetrap cars and Newtons Laws

Newton's Three Laws


7th Grade Honors Life Science

Introduction: All About Amphibians

Frog Dissection

Frog External Anatomy



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