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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday and Friday January 14th & 15th, 2016

Today's Quote:


In 8th grade we went over the parts of a compass and how to use a topographic map in preparation for our mapping activity outside. I also clarified the homework and gave every period another day to get it done. I reminded the classes that I spend time "hotlinking"the vocabulary so they can review words If they read the blog. I reminded the classes that when they say Ï don't get it", I can't help them. I NEED specifics. You can't say I don't get it if I hand you the paper and before you have even read the instructions you are saying, "I don't get it."

In 7th grade classes we finished the neural speed lab and went over the 5 step method for solving a problem using the science methods.

Brain Bender:

Why is a manhole cover round? (Give two reasons)


8th Grade Physical Science (all classes)

Make me a map! In teams of two, we will go outside and construct a map using a compass and graph paper. Your map must have the following features: at least 3 reference points, your point of origin, a legend, a compass rose, a scale or pacing guide. Your instructions must get you to at least three points that are not your reference points and back to your point of origin so your displacement is zero. 

Rain Day Activity: 

We are to have inclement weather today (Friday) so we will postpone our map making outdoor activity and focus on our mousetrap cars. The first half of class we will cover the Power Point and the second half we will start our first run of mousetrap cars.

Each group get 1 Chromebook.

ONE group at a time, go get your mousetrap cars and bring them out to your table.

Open your Chromebook and go to the following link: Mousetrap Cars And Newton's Three Laws. Go to slide number three and, working together, discuss your answers to the 7 questions. Be certain to write your answers in your COWS.

Newton's Three Laws


7th Grade Life Science Honors

Today we will construct our 3-dimensional frogs in anticipation of our frog dissection that will take place next week. 

We will use this Frog dissection guide as we complete this unit. Please take the time to review it. Each team of three people will get one frog guide per group and it is to stay in the classroom. You can download your own copy here if you want to have one.


Students should PREVIEW the above site and practice where it says "try it". There will be a short quiz before we start the dissection and you must score an 80% or better to participate in the physical frog dissection. 



We MUST get all of our plants back outside and back onto towers so they can get water. Mrs. Brown will supervise students brining plants from the classroom and I will supervise those going into the bottom of building 3. Work quickly. Mr. Muniz will supervise getting them onto the towers.

Several students will work the planting table and start planting our lettuce and Shard starts.

Mr. Carey will take a group of students and remove the frost blankets from the shade house. Blankets MUST BE hung up to dry and then be folded neatly to go back inside.

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