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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday January 13th, 2016

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In Physical Science we finished up our notes and discussion over Reference Points and motion in two dimensions. We also clarified the difference between distance and displacement. We learned that it is possible to travel a particular distance ( our trip from Horizon Academy to New York City and back), which would be $3600 miles yet have a displacement of zero if you return to your exact starting position. We went over the paper and pencil lab and it was assigned as homework. We will go over part of it today and it will be due Thursday or Friday so you have time to get it right.
In Life Science, we finished up notes over the nervous system and handed out the three-dimensional frog lab. Students were instructed to take it home and color the parts the appropriate colors listed on the instructions. Students were also reminded NOT to cut out the pieces. We will assemble it in class as our pre-lab for the frog dissection. Students then began the speed of a neural transmission lab. If you were absent for this lab you should complete the chapter on the nervous system in your text book and do ALL of the section assessment questions.

Brain Bender:

Which one of the three would see most clearly in total darkness? A leopard, a bat, or an owl?


8th-grade Physical Science and Physical Science Honors 

Make me a map! In teams of two, we will go outside and construct a map using a compass and graph paper. Your map must have the following features: at least 3 reference points, your point of origin, a legend, a compass rose, a scale or pacing guide. Your instructions must get you to at least three points that are not your reference points and back to your point of origin so your displacement is zero. 

Take your time! We will finish this up Thursday or Friday.


7th Grade Life Science Honors

We will finish the neural speed lab today and begin assembling our three-dimensional frog to use as a study guide for the frog dissection which will begin tomorrow and Friday



We MUST get back on track with water quality testing!

3 people need to empty the aquarium being sterilized and rinse it out so we can begin setting it up.

Clarifier in tank 3 needs to be cleaned.

Continue emptying the nutrient tank. Four people can use sprinkler cans to water the plants on the Native plant table. Use buckets to water ALL of the plants around the perimeter.

Chickens out and back in at 5pm.

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