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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday & Friday February 11, 12th, 2016

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So, I'm not certain what happened yesterday. I completed the blog update as usual, but I must have been tired and not saved it before I hit publish so it reverted to my original draft.

In 8th grade physical science we continued working with Newton's Second Law from the aspect of acceleration (m/s/s) = Force (net) (Newtons/ mass (Kg) and started to look at how gravity plays a role in everything we do. Although it is the weakest force in the universe, it is also the most pervasive force in the universe. We will work through soe problems that kids have been trying, but I have not assigned yet. While doing this, it is very helpful to go back to the provided link and work through lessons 1 &2 on acceleration

7th grade classes continued our otes over the digestive system and we will finish our frog dissection today.

8th grade regular classes had returned to what works for them; working from the book. This was a very hard decision for me as it is the most foreign to my teaching style but I have given them since the beginning of the new semester to show me they can handle a less structured classroom style like my other classes. Overall, grades continued to fall and conversations strayed from my expectations so I have had to implement more structure and direct instruction from basic teaching methods. A student said to me , "you hate this class, don't you?" and I replied honestly, "No, I don't hate any of you, but I do dislike your behaviors", which is the truth. I am certain that grades will start to rise in the class.

Brain Bender:

Shadow asked his secretary to make him a coffee. While the secretary was making the coffee, her clip on earring fell into the cup. Even though the cup had coffee in it, the earring didn't get wet. How is this possible.


8th Grade Honors Physical Science

Today we will finish our notes and work through a couple of the problems for students to try. The remainder of the period will be spent with the hovercraft out in the courtyard.


7th Grade Honors Life Science

Today we will finish our frog dissections and closely examine the digestive and respiratory system


8th grade physical science

Students will continue working in the book in chapter 2. Students should continue taking Cornell Notes where they turn ALL of the headings into questions and then read through the paragraph until they have found the answer to the question they created and write it down. They are also to write out the vocabulary from the chapter. 

Sections 3& 4 reviews as well and the math practice questions are due 1/2 way through the class and then they will take the chapter test before the end of the period.




With the onset of the cold we have had to take drastic measures to keep the tanks warm. Tarps are down making it difficult to work.

We got our new chemicals yesterday so water tests need to be done on all tank.
Yesterday we added 1/2 gallon of liquid bacteria to each tank to spur nitrification and did a 100 gallon water change on both tanks 2 and 3

I taught the lesson over the nitrification process and reminded students to use the online course as research.

Online aquaculture

Online practice database

Aquaculture best practices school holds first harvest in Apopka

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