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Friday, February 12, 2016

Tuesday February 16th, 2016

Today's Quote:


In 8th grade honors we debriefed the FCA and went over several problems that the most people missed. We learned that some people read too fast and others still have the misconception that friction was an upward acting force instead of a force that opposes motion. When we finished with this and went over one of the homework problems we then took the hovercraft out to the courtyard to demonstrate its effects on Newton's three laws. Students were assigned the first three problems to try off the homework sheet. 5th period continued working in the textbook on Chapter 2 and took the chapter test before the end of the period.

7th grade classes were supposed to finish the frog dissection but really fantastic questions about the digestive system kept us from getting to the frogs. Hopefully we will be able to finish them up this week.

Brain Bender:

Even if they are starving, native living in the Arctic will never eat a penguin's egg. Why not?


8th Grade Honors

Today we will go over some of the homework problems, students who were on the Washington trip will take the FCA.

In order to go forward we must finish our discussion of Newton's Second Law by learning how to draw free falling diagrams


7th Grade Honors

W will begin the Reproductive system today. Review of Digestive system for quiz tomorrow


8th grade Physical Science

Students who were on the Washington trip will take the FCA. Students wil begin taking notes in Chapter 3 of the textbook.

  1. Find all vocabulary words and write them down with definitions. BRING THEM TO ME TO GRADE BEFORE PROCEEDING.
  2. Read section one and take Cornell Notes and do the section review. BRING IT TO ME BEFORE MOVING ON.
  3. Continue this through the chapter. You should be able to finish one section and review plus the math skill each day


Online aquaculture

Online practice database

Aquaculture best practices school holds first harvest in Apopka

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