Academic Calendar 2017-2018

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday February 24th, 2016 HALF DAY!


Today's Quote:


8th grade honors classes began construction of their rockets and test fired them. 7th graders took the digestive and reproductive system tests and then began reading about genetics. 5thperiod continued work in chapter 12.

Brain Bender:

The tallow obtained by burning ten candles will yield one extra candle. If you burned 1000 candles, how many extra candles could you make?


8th grade honors

Students will continue with their rockets and watch the remainder of the video we began. There will be no time to set up the data table today.

Example of how to solve a projectile motion problem step by step


7th grade honors

Will watch the genetics introductory video.


8th grade physical science

Chapter 12. Do the vocabulary for the entire chapter and bring it to me BEFORE YOU MOVE ON!

Take Cornell notes over Chapter 12 section 3 and BRING THEM TO ME BEFORE YOU MOVE ON.

DO the Chapter 12 section 3 Review and BRING IT TO ME BEFORE YOU MOVE ON.

You should be able to finish section in this period We will follow this format through the entire chapter.



Our team try out test is Tuesday next week after school. You MUST be a paid member of FFA to participate and take the test. Only 4 people will test. We will have one more practice test on Friday.

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