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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday February 23rd, 2016

Today's Quote:


Yesterday we ended our frog dissection in 7th grade and  reviewed the reproductive system. students will take the reproduction and digestive system tests online today.

In 8th grade, the students began assembling their rockets or watched the video to get caught up. We will continue that today.

Brain Bender:

Shadow squinted into the rising sun as the early morning light reflected off the freshly fallen snow. Shadow headed due east following the snowshoe tracks of Harry Fowl, the world famous photographer. Suddenly, to Shadow's horror, he came upon the dead body of Harry Fowl. He had been shot and killed by an arrow that entered his back and pierced his heart. Shadow raced back to the chalet where his weekend companions were just sitting down to breakfast. All three men were shocked when Shadow relayed the tragedy. Sam Slug kept muttering that  he just couldn't believe it. Sid Shady said it seemed just moments ago that Harry told him he was going out to photograph various birds in their early morning habit.  Buck Shot, who was counting his arrows, turned ashen white when he noticed one of them missing "One of you is the killer, "said Shadow. Who does he suspect and why?


8th Grade Honors

Finish rocket builds and test them.  Notes for this unit. Prepare to discuss this tomorrow.


7th Grade Honors

Online tests on Reproductive system and digestive system. Get a Chromebook, login and follow my instructions. DO NOT HIT SUBMIT UNTIL YOU ARE STANDING IN FRONT OF ME.


Physical Science

If students have not taken the Chapter 3 online test, they need to do so today. All students who went to Washington DC MUST turn in their chapter two section assessments today and complete the chapter 2 online test if you have not done so yet. 

Students who have finished this work will move on to Chapter 12. Do the vocabulary for the entire chapter and bring it to me BEFORE YOU MOVE ON!

Take Cornell notes over Chapter 12 section 1 and BRING THEM TO ME BEFORE YOU MOVE ON.

DO the Chapter 12 section 1 Review and BRING IT TO ME BEFORE YOU MOVE ON.

You should be able to finish section in this period We will follow this format through the entire chapter.



Pretest 2 during lunch.

Tasks to complete today:

  1. Count and log the date and all plants planted yesterday.
  2. Finish redesigning seed table
  3. Change clarifiers in 2 tanks.
  4. Solar battery backup system finished

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