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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Monday and Tuesday April 11&12, 2016

Today's Quote:


The blog is back! I'm not sure what went wrong but it should now be showing up for everyone. Almost all 8th grade classes now have their District Benchmark results and have been introduced in how to use them. Those classes that have not gotten them will finish up today. I went over the DBMA results and showed students how they have progressed since the first Benchmark in August. I then went through and explained how t read the report. I used the analogy that the DBMA results in "their boat". Any place where they have 100%, they don't need to worry, but anything with 0%, 33%, or 50% are holes int he boat and they need to plug those BEFORE our test. I then showed students how to access their online textbook and change the settings so they can view by standards and open lessons to review only the parts they need to focus upon. I finished with another analogy; when you are sick you go to a doctor and they runs some tests. They then meet with you, explain what they think is wrong and give you a prescription to use. If you go home and don't use the prescription, the doctor is not going to follow you home to make you use it.  This is what they have- a prescription to use. If they diligently study 2 or 3 standards a night, they should do much better on the test.

In 7th grade we began covering Mitosis and Meiosis. We will continue with that today.


Brain Bender:

If boiling water is poured into a thick drinking glass as well as a very thin wine glass, of the two, which is more likely to crack?  Explain why.



Block Day

Bell to class                                        7:50                                                                    
HR                                                          7:55 – 8:00                                                       
Block 1                                                  8:00- 9:40
TESTING WINDOW 1                       8:14 – 11:00Block 2                                                  9:43 - 11:23
HR                                                          11:23 – 11:31
TESTING WINDOW 2                       11:15 – 2:00HH                                                          11:34 – 12:37Group A               Lunch     11:34 – 12:04
SIT          12:07 - 12:37 Group B               SIT          11:34 – 12:04
Lunch    12:07 - 12:37                                                                 Block 3                                                  12:40 – 2:20  

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8th Grade Honors:

Introduction to waves- PPT

Finish grading FCAT packets


7th Grade Honors

The Cell Cycle

Mitosis- PPT

Discussion topic- Human Gene Editing- Is it Ethical?


8th Grade Physical Science

See above, BUT we are going over the benchmark results first and finishing up the FCAT packets 


  1. Clean Rabbit cage
  2. Water testing - all tanks
  3. Feed fish
  4. Plant seeds
  5. Pull weeds and dead leaves
  6. Video over Koi spawning

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