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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday and Thursday April 13th & 14th, 2016

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8th grade classes had their scores entered for the first part of their FCAT review packet. We also began our discussion of waves. So far we have covered transverse and longitudinal waves 

Examples of transverse and longitudinal waves and provided demonstrations. We will finish this up today with electromagnetic waves. See the notes from Monday and Tuesday posted on those dates.

7th grade classes covered the cell cycle and I pointed out that while Mitosis is very important to cellular reproduction, it is actually a very small portion of a cell's life and most of the "heavy lifting"is done in G1, S and G2 states. These three  states make up Interphase where the cel spends most of it's time. Of the three, G9rowth) 1 is where cells spend the majority of interphase. During G1 the cell grows through the intake of nutrients and produces extra organelles for the cell. You can think of G1 as a closet where the cell begins to keep extra parts. The cell then shifts to the S(ynthesis) state where it begins to copy  it's chromatin while continuing to grow larger. In the G (rowth) 2 phase the cell make preparations to divide by producing microtubules. See the notes and video below.


Brain Bender:

Two train tracks run parallel to each other, except for a short distance where they meet and become one track over a narrow bridge. One moring, a train speeds onto the bridge. Another train, coming from the opposite direction also speeds onto the bridge. Neither train can stop on the short bridge, yet there is no collision. How is this possible.



8th grade classes (ALL)

Homework: Continue working on your FCAT packet. It is due, complete, on Monday or Tuesday, when I see you. We will go over pages 1-12 today wth explanations.

Today in class: Electromagnetic waves 

Light Sound and Waves

Calculate the wavelength, wavespeed and Hertz


7th Grade:


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