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Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday, December 5th, 2016

9 days till Winter Break!

Today's Quote:

The first stage of sincerity is that your private and public state are the same.
— Imam Mohammad Ghazali 
(Persian sufi-poet)


Painting ; Elioth Gruner (1882-1939)

- Willows, oil on canvas, 42 x 52 cm.


6th: We worked through the final stage of our discussion on Solar input and I will provide the numbers for the classes to finish filling out their lab and turn it in. This week, we begin our new unit 

7th: Students Began the bone dissection on Friday and will continue it today

8th: classes were excited to do electron configurations (NOT!) and learned how to balance a chemical equation. We still need to look at calculating molar mass

Brain Bender:

There is a robot that is programmed to assemble children's toys. During laboratory tests, the robot assembled hundreds of toys without any errors. The day arrived when the robot was to give a public demonstration and, as Murphy's Law would have it, everything went wrong. The toy pieces were put in a carton and brought to the public demonstration. The robot was given the carton filled with toy pieces, but it was unable to assemble a single toy. What went wrong?


(This should be written in your planner every day)

Finding the Valence electrons in Transition metals

6th Grade Honor's Earth Space Science:

6th Grade Class Information and Syllabus

Earth’s Structure and Changes Over Time

Unit Essential Question: How do the processes of the rock cycle and human activities alter the surface of Earth over time? 
How do the processes of the rock cycle and human activities alter the surface of Earth over time?
Key Learning Statement: The shape of the land changes over time through two major processes, both natural and manmade.  Natural changes occur through weathering, erosion, and deposition which are agents of the rock cycle.  Manmade changes occur through deforestation, urbanization, desertification, air, land, water quality, and change in flow and pollution of water.  

Homework: IXL nightly

7th Grade Honors Life Science

7th Grade Class Information and Syllabus

Human Body
Unit Essential Question: How are the systems of the human body organized so that they work together to maintain homeostasis?

Key Learning Statement: The body is made up of cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems.  These systems have different functions, working together to maintain homeostasis, and protect against pathogens. 


Biodigital Human App

Whack a Bone

The Human Body, Pushing the Limits- video

8th Grade Honors Physical Science

8th Grade Class Information and Syllabus

Properties of Matter
Unit Essential Question: What determines the properties of matter? 
Key Learning Statement: The atom is the basic unit of matter.  The structure, motion, arrangement and energy of the atom determine the properties of matter. 


List of Common Poly-atomic ions


Science Current Events:

How to Destroy the Environment in Three Easy Steps

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Watch a Rat Being Tickled

Scientists May Have Pin-Pointed the Source of Consciousness.

Apps and Programs to Help You be Successful:

Video Links/ Other Resources over this topic

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

The Science of Overpopulation

Human growth over the planet (cancer)

Would I survive a Nuke?

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