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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Thursday and Friday September 24th & 25th, 2015

Today's Quote: 


I collected the now late Idea of Hypothesis- Disease and the Environment. as well as the student's homework on the steps in making a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich. After collecting this I had a few students walk me through the steps while I acted out what they were saying to do with hilarious results. We finished with a discussion on how a good science project or research program will rely on both qualitative and quantitative data to enhance the data gathered. 

Students also watched the Lab Safety Rap again and reviewed the major safety features in our classroom. 

We took a little time to begin discussing the six hypotheses students developed on their Invitation 10 worksheet and started to see how Bayes Theorem helps us intuitively decide how much weight we apply to new evidence.

Today's Agenda:

I will be out at a county In Service on Thursday, but will return on Friday. Thursday's classes are reminded that when I am not in class:

  1. The rabbit and other classroom pets are to remain in their cages and not be handled.
  2. Be on their best behavior and treat the sub as if they are me.
  3. not leave the classroom on hall passes unless called to the office.
  4. Not handle or touch anything  that is not on their desk
  5. Not have out their cell phones or any other electronics. 
  6. Be helpful and mindful of the entire classes behavior
  7. Report to me any problems or concerns upon my return.

Thursday's Assignment:

In class students should use their Sciencesaurus to review Sections 001 and 002 and take notes on it in their COWS. (Before you leave for the media center, stack your COWS by the turtle shells.) Students should also use their Sciencesaurus to Pairs read the section on Lab Safety, handling heat and electricity, and glassware. 

To recap, Pairs read looks like this: 
  1. Think Pair Share, while reading your Sciencesaurus to become familiar with lab equipment and safety rules and responsibilities. 
  1. Pair up with your shoulder partner and take turns reading the section on lab safety, discuss it, and jot down some notes to share with the class.

After 30  minutes the sub will take you to the media center to use the computers to do the Lab Safety Virtual Lab. You will need headphones.  Work Quickly and be sure to LISTEN to all the instructions. When you are done, you can print out your Certificate of completion to turn in to me for credit. It should take you 15 minutes to finish the course. After that, you can ask Mrs. Drazan if you can visit the Book Fair.


3rd period, please be prepared to explain your poor behavior when the substitute was in class today.

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