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Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday December 7th, 2015

Today's Quote:


8th Grade Honors classes (1st period only) mixed up a batch of Elephant Toothpaste and had a lab worksheet to complete over the decomposition reaction that occurred. We talked about the fact that heat was given off in this reaction making it exothermic in nature and this was verified with a digital thermometer. I pointed out that the opposite of an exothermic reaction is an endothermic reaction in which heat is absorbed and the temperature would be cooler. I used one of those chemical ice packs often used in sports for injuries.

7th Grade Honors completed the bone dissection lab and really enjoyed it! During the lab we pointed out the difference between compact bone and spongy bone.  We didn't use a longitudinal cut bone, but instead used transverse sections of bone. Students were able to identify and touch muscle tissue, tendons, which were white and very tough and fibrous connecting muscle to bone. We also saw periosteum. Movinginto the center of the bone we saw red marrow and yellow marrow and talked about the fact that blood cell production occurs in bones making bones alive. We also saw the Volkmann's canal and spt the marrow apart. Some students could feel osteocytes in the marrow and even saw blood vessels running from the marrow into and through the bone. Some students were lucky enough o clearly see a foramen, which is a small opening passing through the bone from the center to the outside.  A complete review of terms can be found here.

8th grade physical science learned about the difference between heat and temperature via a short video and 6th period earned a special treat in watching Racing Extinction.

Brain Bender:

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Revenue Canada had been trailing suspected drug dealer, Wile E. Coyote, in anticipation of catching  him with large amounts of unaccountable cash. Time and again, Wile E. would board a plane and fatten his bank account in Switzerland. Each time he was about to leave, the authorities would search him and his luggage, and aside from the clothes on his back, all he carried were a pair of sunglasses, a wallet containing a few hundred American dollars, credit cards, and loose change. He also carried an overnight bag which held a change of clothes, toiletries, and necessary banking papers.The search was very thorough. Mr. Coyote was managing to take a fortune out of the country right under the authorities watchful eyes. How was he doing it?

Today's Agenda:

8th Grade Honors-

1st period- turn in lab report. 2nd period will present two science fair projects. We are in Chapter 7 section 3, Gas Laws if you are using the textbook as reference.

Power Point- The Gas Laws 

Homework- Do the Gas Law Simulation following all instructions and complete the worksheet. Be prepared for a discussion of the Gas Laws tomorrow.

Gas Properties

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7th Grade Honors

Bone Quiz

Introduction to the Muscle system- Power Point

_________________________________________________________________________________8th grade Physical Science

Chapter 6 Chapter Review- Turn in at the end of class.



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