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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursday and Friday December 3rd &4th, 2015

This is probably the most important movie of our lifetime. Scientists have determined that we are in the middle of the 6th great extinction and hoomans somehow feel that your species will be exempt from this event. It truly is heart breaking that all of these other magnificent species are being driven to extinction simply because you can't learn to play nice with others. Watch this movie.

Countdown to Vacation


We finished the pre-reading of the labs in all sections except Period 2 due to their field trip. I am hoping to be able to fit the lab in, but might not be able to given the time frame I have to operate in and considering that they will be pulled from class again on Friday for another interruption.

In 5th period students worked n Chapter 6 section three until everyone had completed their qtest. Once they were done, I went over several of the problems that were commonly missed.

Brain Bender:

"Therein lies the secret,"said Scheming Suzie. "For you see, there is a seven letter word int he English language that contains eight words without rearranging any of it's letters." What is this word?

Today's Agenda:

8th Grade Honors-

Decomposition of Potassium Iodide Reaction lab (Elephant Toothpaste)- ALL safety rules are to be followed TO THE LETTER! Aprons, glove and goggles on at all times, hair pulled back, No long sleeves or sleeves tucked into gloves. Absolutely NO horseplay will be tolerated.

  1.  Get a plastic bag and cut the bottom off then lay it out over the table and tape it in place. All books should be placed on the cabinets behind you and bookbags MUST be on your chair.
  2. Get your safety gear and put it on
  3. Come see me for your lab equipment, and take it back to your desk.
  4. Sit down!
  5. 1 person from each group will come see me and I will give you labeled beakers with chemicals. DO NOTHING UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO!
  6. It is important that once you add the catalyst you quickly move your hand away from the graduated cylinder and step back. You can take photos if you want to.
  7. Clean up lab station. 1 person will go rinse equipment in one sink. One person will remove the plastic sheet and fold it's corners inward and I will come around with a trashcan. ALL SAFETY GEAR MUST STILL BE IN PLACE!
  8. Answer lab questions over the weekend- Due Monday


Turn in chemical equation balancing sheet and do the lab questions at home- Due Monday!


7th Grade Honors:

Bone Dissection Lab- Safety goggles MUST be worn at all times. Book bags must be on the back of your chair.


Read the article attached to the lab and answer the questions. - Due Monday. NOTE: Failure to complete the lab and article questions BY MONDAY will automatically remove you from the chicken wing dissection.


8th Grade Physical Science

Period 5 continue working in chapter 6 section 4 and do the chapter review questions. Due by the end of class!

Period 6- Density practice questions and quiz.



Interview questions are due. 

Beginning next week, you will get a lunch pass from me and come to my classroom with your lunch4 days each week to begin training for the competition.

There is not one of you I value more than the other on our team and a team has no room for ego. When there is work to be done, I am out there with you working just as hard and getting just as dirty. ALL of us bring something to the team; I have the vision and ability to write the grants, some of you are fantastic with the plants, some of you work better with the fish, and some of you are all Jack of all trades. I NEED us all working together. It's ok to have fun, but there is no room for ego, we MUST have each other's back

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