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Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday January 25th, 2016

Today's Quote:


8th graders went back to the drawing board and we rehashed the speed formula since there seemed to be so much confusion. I reminded all classes that while I do the best job possible teaching them, they ABSOLUTELY MUST open their book or computer and STUDY. These links will help!

Speed and velocity

One Dimensional Kinematics

Speed and velocity graphical

In 7th grade, we completed the external anatomy of the frog and will have a POP quiz today. We managed to cut the lower jaw bone in preparation of studying the internal structure of the mouth and the beginning of the digestive system.


Brain Bender:

If a block weighs eight kilograms plus half a block, what is the weight of a block and a half?



8th grade

Today will be our first timed trial for the mousetrap cars.  You sholdbe able to explain how Newton's three laws aply to the motion of your car and today is the day to practice explaining the motionof the car to a partner before you have to exlain it to me. Tomorrow will be the ACTUAL time trials.

With the confusion over speed and velocity, I have had to call in the big guns and use a freind's video.

Homework: Watch the following video and complete the Google form over the topics covered. Due tomorrow.

Google Form


7th grade Honors

Pop quiz, External anatomy of the frog.

Anatomy of the mouth



We will be picking up trash from the high winds this weekend and organizing our area.

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