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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday January 26th, 2016

Today's Quote:


In 8th grade classes, I reiterated again that students MUST open their books or the notes I give them and study. Since there has been so much confusion over speed, velocity, distance and displacement, I shared several resources for students as well as assigned a Bozeman Science video with a Google form that is due today in all classes. After I went over the homework expectations we did our first test run of the mousetrap cars.
In 7th grade students took a quiz over the external anatomy of the frog. I reminded the classes that they are in a HS tracked class and we move at a faster pace than others. I went over this, because since the beginning of the new term, many students are missing or lacking work. This is not what is expected and I reminded them that I am the one who makes the recommendation for them to move into an honors section next year.

Brain Bender:

Miss Led was strolling past the "Soul- Ace Hotel". Hardy Snitkis saw her through the window and rushed out to say hello. He called out, and when Miss Led turned around and waved, Hardy was 400 meters behind and walking in her direction. They each walked 200 meters in a direct line, their faces toward each other. After their 200 meter walk, they were still 400 meters apart. How could this be?


8th Grade Physical Science:

All mousetrap racecars are to be here tomorrow for the first official running of the cars.

Today's Lesson: Newton's Three Laws

Setting the table!


7th grade

Get all of your safety gear, (Goggles, aprons and gloves and get them on)
Get your frog and tray
Today we will make our first cut through the skin.
Frog Dissection



Unfortunately, you will have a substitute today and you will be required to read your AR book. Aquaculture team members only will go outside and change clarifier Number one. Also add heat lamps to tanks 2 and three.

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