Academic Calendar 2017-2018

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday and Thursday January 27th & 28th, 2016

Today's Quote:


In 8th grade we began our notes over Newton's Three Laws and had several really neat demonstrations of how motion can affect things. Students were reminded that we will hold our first time trial tomorrow and Thursday.

7th graders got to view the circulatory system on the inside of the skin of their frog and how this helps frogs absorb oxygen through the very thin membrane. Unfortunately, I had an important phone conference so 4th period did not get the chance to do this, but instead read and took notes over several body systems in their Sciencesaurus.

Brain Bender:

Why are 1990 American dollar bills worth more than 1989 American dollar bills?


8th Grade

Today will be our first time trials of your cars. By the end of the period you will be expected to have the average speed of your car calculated. In your COW, set up a data table with 4 columns and rows. Label Row 1- Trial 1 and so on. Once you have run your car three ties calculate your average speed.

We will continue our notes on Newton's Three Laws.

Homework- Due Monday

Get one small sticky graph and place it in your COW. Graph the speed of your mousetrap car. Be certain that your graph has a title, and that the X,Y axes are labeled correctly.


7th Grade Honors Life Science

We will continue our frog dissection today. Frog Dissection

Get all of your safety gear, (Goggles, aprons and gloves and get them on)
Get your frog and tray

Homework- Due Monday

Sketch your frog. Be certain to show the frog pinned in the tray and label your cuts as well as the systems we have looked at so far. This diagram should be in color. You may take your COWS home to complete this activity.



Team meets during lunch to study.

HH and after school. We are working on designing and assembling the solar water heaters for our tanks and prepping tanks for the arrival of the fish.

  1. Check Chlorine in green water barrel
  2. Check temperature in tanks 2,3,4
  3. Check Salinity in tanks 2,3,4- adjust to 1-3 ppt
  4. Change clarifier 3
  5. Use mop and mop down the sides of all tanks- be certain to rinse the mop BEFORE using it in the other tanks.
  6. Continue moving hay and waste to the compost pile in the garden area
  7. Organize and pick up trash in the shade house area. Pots must all be secured!
  8. Order sand

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