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Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday February 22nd, 2016

Today's Quote:


In 8th grade science on Thursday, students got to watch the video over how to build the straw rockets in anticipation of our projectile motion project. Even periods from Friday however, are behind as they attended the Brazen presentation from the Marion County Public Health Department. I collected homework problems from the odd periods and will collect them from the even periods today.

In 7th grade we finished up our discussion of the reproductive system. We did not get to finish the frog dissection and we will not get a chance to continue this as we have to move on. We will return to the idea though, of how an organism finds enough food to survive in it's habitat.

Regular Physical science courses finished up chapter 3 and took the chapter exam. Students who went to Washington were reminded that Monday (today) was the last day they have to get in their missing assignments

Brain Bender:

A horse is tied to a five-meter rope in front of an old saloon. Six meters behind the horse is a bale of hay. Without breaking the rope, the horse is able to eat hay whenever he chooses. How is this possible?


8th grade honors:

Odd periods will work on designing and constructing their rockets today. Time constraints will be strictly adhered to. You should spend about 10 minutes designing your rocket and the remainder of the period assembling it AFTER you get my approval of the design. Your finished product MUST resemble your prototype drawing. You will not be given clay for the nose cone today. Put your name and eriod on one of the fins of the rocket.

Even periods will be shown the introductory rocket design video. Homework problems will be collected.


Both period should go through the Notes for this unit. Prepare to discuss this tomorrow.


7th grade honors

Classes will use the Chromebooks to take the unit test over Human body systems.


Physical Science

If students have not taken the Chapter 3 online test, they need to do so today. All students who went to Washington DC MUST turn in their chapter two section assessments today and complete the chapter 2 online test if you have not done so yet. 

Students who have finished this work will move on to Chapter 12. Do the vocabulary for the entire chapter and bring it to me BEFORE YOU MOVE ON!

Take Cornell notes over Chapter 12 section 1 and BRING THEM TO ME BEFORE YOU MOVE ON.

DO the Chapter 12 section 1 Review and BRING IT TO ME BEFORE YOU MOVE ON.

You should be able to finish section in this period We will follow this format through the entire chapter.



Your next pretest will be Tuesday

  1. find the nitrogen meter in tank 1
  2. Finish adding vitamin C to the tanks
  3. Check pH in any tank with vitamin C already added
  4. Check SAlinity and alkalinity in any tank that was off yesterday
  5. Planting plants
  6. Cut bananas for dehydration
  7. Change Rabbit cage.
  8. Redesign the Seed table- get me to cut the wood
  9. Finish hooking up solar panels
  10. Pick Strawberries
  11. Photography- I need shots of the solar panels, redesign projects

Using a Secchi Disc

Total Dissolved Solids Meter

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