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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday and Friday February 18th & 19th, 2016

Today's Quote:


8th grade physical Science honors watched the opening scene from Star Trek in preparation of calculating the rate of acceleration when Kirk and Sulu are falling toward Planet Vulcan. They were also assigned to read the notes over projectile motion, free fall acceleration and circular motion.

7th graders continued either chapter notes or open discussion about the reproductive system.

8th-grade physical science students in 5th period continued working on Chapter 3, Fluid mechanics. They were to complete section 2 and the chapter vocabulary. 

Brain Bender:

Duke Maverick worked for a packaging company. One day, Duke received four separate orders and accidentally mixed up the addresses, so he applied the address labels at random. What is the probability that exactly three packages were correctly labeled?


8th Grade Honors

Today in class we will discuss projectile motion and students will view the video on how to assemble their rocket. Students should turn in their homework problems. 

NOTE: 2,4, and 6th periods on Friday will participate in the Brazen presentation and will have to make up the activities from today.

Watch this video to learn more about solving sliding friction problems


7th grade Honors

Students will complete the frog dissection today


8th grade physical science

Students will continue working in Chapter 3 and should have section 3 done by today. Before the end of the period all students are expected to take the Chapter 3 online test. Scores on the online test of less than 80% will require students to go back and rewrite their notes from the sections missed and show these to me.



Fish feeding and solar panel discussion

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