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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday February 17th, 2016

Today's Quote:


In 8th Grade Honors classes we began our discussion of Newton's third law and I delayed picking up the homework problems until everyone was present to go over them. (Our students just returned from Washington, D.C.) We did get the definitions of projectile motion and free fall

In 7th grade we began a discussion of the reproductive system using the Biodigital human project and my Power Point however period 3 could not act mature enough to conduct the discussion and ended up opening the textbook and reading the section while writing out the vocabulary and taking Cornell notes over the information. They will continue this today.

8th grade physical science classes (5th period) began work in Chapter 3 of the textbook. By the end of the period they should have completed and turned in the vocabulary for credit. If it was not turned in yesterday, then it is one day late today and drops a letter grade. 

Brain Bender:

Mack White stopped his tractor trailer at the foot of an old bridge. The trailer was air tight except for two screen doors at the rear. The trailer has a second set of doors which can be closed over the screen doors enabling him to seal the trailer air tight. Mack closed the second set of doors and began to pound on them. When a passerby asked him what he was doing, he replied, "I've got 2000 pigeons in the back and I think they are too heavy for this old bridge. I'm making the "little buggers"fly around so they'll lighten the load 'till I get across". Will Mack's idea lighten the load or will it be the same? Explain in scientific and mathematic terms.



8th grade honors

Normally, I would not do this, however, I have a very important deadline I MUST meet today. In class you will watch Star Trek. Pay close attention to the scene involving Free fall toward the planet Vulcan which has a gravitational acceleration of 19.62m/s/s. You will be asked to calculate the acceleration of the falling bodies.


Read through the sections on Free Fall, Projectile motion and circular motion and be prepared to solve several problems on Thursday and Friday.  Turn in your homework from the weekend.


7th Grade Honors

3rd Period

Continue your notes on the reproductive system. By the end of the period you should have your vocabulary for the entire chapter completed and be able to take Cornell notes over section 1. Show this to me for a grade

Homework: Do the Section 1 Review. Write out the questions and then answer them. Due Thursday or Friday

4th Period-

 We will continue with our preseation using the biodigital Human


8th grade Physical Science

Washington DC student should be able to turn in Chapter 2 section 1 and chater 3 section 1 today. (You only have 3 days remaining to get your make up work done so you have to work extra hard.)

By the end of the period I need to see your Cornell notes over Section 1 and 2 ANd the section 1 review questions. You are to answer the questions completely and show them to me BEFORE you move on to the next section.

6th period

You will follow the plans for 8th grade honors today.



Team will take the first pretest today during lunch.

  1. Change Clarifier 3 
  2. Work on solar panels
  3. photographs
  4. check seeds on seed table
  5. Water test on tank 1- record data

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