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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Today's Quote:


Yesterday was pretty much a testing day to get caught up to where we are supposed to be. 

Brain Bender:

Kerry Queen, a professional writer, was sitting in his cabin writing a letter. There was a violent electrical storm outside and suddenly, Kerry died. How did he die?


8th Grade Honors

We were going to tackle the projectile motion problem, but I think we will end with the completion of the data table. It will meet my goals and free up some time so we can start into the unit on Energy. 

DUE TODAY- Your completed data table! Make sure you have the correct units on ALL of your data points. To finish the project, get a sheet of graph paper, properly label your graph and transfer your picture of the launch to the graph paper.


7th Grade Honors

Notes over genetics and begin discussion of video series. NOTE* the 18th video was added accidentally and is about starting a small business. (I must have accidentally clicked the link to an ad) You do not need to take notes on the 18th video.) So we can get through the material, PLEASE hold your questions to ones about Mendel and genetics or write them on a sticky note and place in the parking lot so I can answer them later.

DUE TOMORROW- Video notes as a ticket into the lab on Thursday and Friday.


8th Grade Physical Science-

Continue working in chapter 4 of the book.

Show me your FCAT study guide for 10 points. (It does not need to be completed but you MUST have it.)



Okay, here is the situation:

  • Marion county changed it's school calendar which threw the aquaculture competition off.
  • I had already paid for a trip to hike the Appalachian trail from March 18th - April 3rd
  • The actual contest is April 1st
  • I can't get my money back and stand to lose almost $500
  • Mrs. Brown has offered to drive the team to Ruskin for the competition.
  • The State won't release the final project till March 18th- the first day of Spring Break.
  • I know we can still win if you are willing to STUDY on your own
  • I will take my computer and we can Skype over break so we can work on the project and study
  • I may just come back early, but that means I would have to end my hike Thursday morning and drive through the night to get back to Ocala

  1. Check solar energy output to battery.
  2. Change clarifier 1 &2
  3. Feed fish in tank 2 &3


Water Quality

Team Training schedule:

Monday- Fish disease
Tuesday- Water quality
Wednesday- Fish Anatomy
Thursday- Testing
Friday- Fish Identification

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